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Climate Activists

Climate Activists
2009 Coal Blockade of Newcastle Harbour


Sunday, September 13, 2015

No Australian War On Syria Protest at Sydney Town Hall

Protestors at the No Australian War on Syria at Sydney Town Hall
Speakers at a rally outside Sydney Town Hall raised concern that more people would be killed and displaced if Australia bombs Syria. Australia’s involvement in the war will hurt poor people in both countries since only the well-off can afford to escape the bombings while Australia's low income earners will be forced to compete with incoming refugees for affordable housing according to protestors. "While Aussies in both Sydney and Melbourne can't afford to buy a house this government will have to accommodate thousands of refugees due to its involvement in another immoral war." said Hanadi Assoud, of the National Union of Syrian Students.
Community organiser Tom Toby appeals to Australia not to bomb Syria

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