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Climate Activists

Climate Activists
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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Justice for Josh Protest and Commemoration in Sydney

Protestors listen to harrowing testimony from Work For the Dole clients outlining systemic human rights abuses.

The Australian Unemployed Workers Union held a protest and commemoration in Martin Place, Sydney and cities throughout Australia on the second anniversary of the death of Josh Fing who died working at a dangerous Work For the Dole site. After his death Minister of Employment Michaelia Cash promised an investigation but the results have still not been made public. The AUWU is demanding an end to the hazardous and punishing Work for the Dole scheme. During the rally victims spoke out about their harrowing WFD experiences. Greens senator Lee Rhiannon and Labour Shadow Minister for Employment Ed Husic also addressed the lunch time gathering of jobseekers, unionists and office workers.

Greens senator Lee Rhiannon addresses the rally.

Alf supports jobseeker rights at the #Justice for Josh second anniversary commemoration in Martin Place.

AUWU supporter attends the Justice for Josh Rally in Sydney

Shadow Minister for Employment Ed Husic holds up a photo of Micaella Cash the minister accused of suppressing the report into Josh Fing's death on Work for the Dole. Ed is asking questions in parliament to uncover the truth of WFD.

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